HSL Seminar - J. Todd, B. Browder, E. Hinterman (Tuesday, 3/23, 4-5p, Zoom)


Virtual HSL Talk

March 23, 2021, 4-5pm

Zoom:   Contact Liz Zotos if you need the Zoom link.

Title:  NASA Big Idea Challenge – MELLTTSpeakers:

Jess Todd, Becca Browder, Eric Hinterman, Human Systems Lab

The Multifunctional Expandable Lunar Lightweight Tall Tower (MELLTT) is a platform developed by the MIT Big Idea 2020 Challenge team to enable the exploration of permanently shadowed regions (PSRs) on the lunar surface. MELLTT can be deployed from a commercial lunar lander, providing a line-of-sight down into PSRs. Its rotating payload deck can support a multitude of payloads, such as imaging systems, power beaming, or communications. MELLTT is paving the way for sustained lunar exploration as part of NASA's Artemis Mission.