HSL Special Seminar: Bobbie D. Seppelt, Ph.D., M.S. (9 am, 11/14, 33-206)

"Improving our relationship with technology: Key challenges in vehicle automation"

Bobbie D. Seppelt, Ph.D., M.S.
Research Scientist
Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab & New England University Transportation Center


BRIEF SUMMARY: Several technology and automotive companies are testing highly automated vehicles on public roads, and many vehicles available today can be driven with the assistance of semi-automated systems. As ride share services and traditional automotive OEMs race toward a self-driving future, consumers are confronted with the realities of transitional forms of automation. The implications of what these present-day forms of automation have on our trust, reliance, and attention will be described within a broader discussion on how to keep the human at the center of an automated vehicle system along the road to a self-driving future.