MVL Seminar: Karen L. Mumy, Ph.D (9am, 8/15, 33-218)

"Research scope, capabilities and programs at the US Navy’s Environmental Health Effects Laboratory (EHEL) "

Karen L. Mumy, Ph.D., DABT
Director, Environmental Health Effects Research
Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton

Abstract: The Environmental Health Effects Laboratory (EHEL), along with the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory, comprises the research mission of the Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. EHEL has a rich history, having stood up in the late 1950’s to study the health effects associated with exposure to unique military settings and operations, including onboard aircraft carriers and nuclear powered submarines. EHEL has spent the last six decades recreating operational environments in a controlled laboratory setting and studying resulting health effects at all levels, to include physical, physiological, cognitive and toxicological effects in animal models. This presentation will highlight EHEL’s expertise, capabilities, research programs and involvement in the aviation, submarine and terrestrial military settings and its highly specialized facilities that contribute to the body of knowledge for understanding the risk to military men and women operating in austere environments across the Department of Defense.