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Journal Article
Rood, A.., D. Dashevsky, B.. Fast, A.. Koylijanec, E.. Glickman, D.J.. Newman, and D.. Dietrich, "A Novel Hypoxia Monitoring, Prediction and Alert System", Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine, 05/2011.
Conference Paper
Meyen, F. E., J. E. Duda, R.. Opperman, N.. Jawdat, J.. Chambers, D.J.. Newman, J. Hoffman, and G.. Perusek, "Pneumatic Exoskeleton fro Space Suit Simulation (abstract)", NASA Human research Program Investigators' Workshop, Galveston, TX, Feb. 11-13, 2014.
Anderson, A., A. Diaz, M. Kracik, R.. Kobrick, G. Trotti, J. Hoffman, and D.J.. Newman, "Methodology Toward Developing a Spacesuit Trauma Countermeasure System for Extravehicular Activity", NASA Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop, Houston, TX, 2012.
Anderson, A., A.. Hilbert, P.. Bertrand, S.. McFarland, and D.J.. Newman, "In-Suit Sensor Systems for Characterizing Human-Space Suit Interation", 44th International Conference on Environmental Systems, Tuscon, AZ, 13-17 July 2014.