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Conference Paper
Meyen, F. E., B. Holschuh, R. A. Opperman, R. L. Kobrick, S. Jacobs, and D. J. Newman, "Robotic Joint Torque Testing: A Critical Tool in the Development of Pressure Suit Mobiilty Elements", 41st International Conference on Environmental Systems 2011, Portland, OR, July 2011.
Holschuh, B., E. Obropta, and D. Newman, "Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Coil Actuators for Use in Controllable Mechanical Counter-Pressure (MCP) Space Suits", NASA Human Research Program Investigators' Workshop, Galveston, TX, 2013.
Conference Proceedings
Holschuh, B., G.. Gatto, L.. Levrino, K.. Bretl, and D.. Newman, "Active Material Technology Development for Mechanical Counter-Pressure Space Suits using 3D-Printed Components (Abstract)", NASA HRP Investigators' Workshop, Galveston, TX, 1/13/15, 2015.
Holschuh, B., and D. Newman, "Mechanical Counter-Pressure Space Suite Design Using Active Materials (Abstract)", NASA HRP Investigators' Workshop, Galveston, TX, January 13, 2015.