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Course announcement for Spring 2022:
16.459 Bioengineering Journal Article Seminar G (1-0-1 units)
Drs. Katya Arquilla and Charles Oman, Human Systems Lab.


The spring 2022 format will be a “bioastronautics boot camp”, intended to provide graduate students with the necessary tools to effectively design, execute, analyze, and present their research.  While the focus of the course is on the Bioastronautics focus area, all students are welcome to take the course.  Each week, a one-hour seminar will be delivered covering the following topics: key areas of bioastronautics research, developing research questions and hypotheses, how to read journal papers with a critical eye, the experimental design process, statistical analysis of human participant experiments, how academic publishing works, survey design, technical presentation skills, and how to develop meaningful collaborations.  Over the course of the semester, students will be required to read 4 journal papers.  Each week, Dr. Arquilla will also host an hour-long office hour/workshop session for students to seek guidance and talk to each other about research challenges. Subject may be repeated for credit a maximum of four terms. Letter grade given in the last term applies to all accumulated units of 16.459. No prereq.


HST Bioastronautics Training Program

The Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology now offers a new program in bioastronautics, leading to a PhD in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics (MEMP). For more information, go to the HST Bioastronautics Training Program page.


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