HSL News

Thu, 06/13/2019

Human Systems Lab Special Seminar: Ellen R. Stofan, PhD (10 a.m., 6/20, 33-116)

"From exploring the Planets to Transforming America’s Favorite Museum"

Ellen R. Stofan, PhD
John and Adrienne Mars Director
National Air and Space Museum

Fri, 05/24/2019

MIT team places second in 2019 NASA BIG Idea Challenge

Multilevel Mars greenhouse could provide food to sustain astronauts for several years.

"An MIT student team took second place for its design of a multilevel greenhouse to be used on Mars in NASA’s 2019...

Thu, 05/16/2019

Congratulations to Aditi Gupta, HSL graduate student!


The HST MEMP Student Diversity Ambassadors have won the 2019 MIT Bridge Builder Award, given to students and/or...

Mon, 05/13/2019

HSL Seminar: Thomas Joseph Abitante, HST PhD Candidate (9 a.m., 5/15, 33-206)

"Development of a Functional Electrical Stimulation Therapy for Use in Microgravity"

Thomas Joseph Abitante
HST, PhD Candidate

Abstract: The mechanical...

Thu, 05/02/2019

Human Systems Lab Seminar: Professor David Autor (9 a.m., 5/8, 33-206)

"Work of the Past, Work of the Future"

Professor David Autor
Ford Professor
MIT Economics

Abstract: Urban U.S. labor markets today are vastly more educated...

Mon, 04/22/2019

MEMP PhD Thesis Defense - Katelyn Amanda Burkhart (2 p.m., 5/1, MIT E25-119/121)

"Understanding the Vertebral Fracture Risk in Astronauts"

Abstract: In spaceflight, the loss of mechanical loading has detrimental effects on the musculoskeletal...

Mon, 04/22/2019

Human Systems Lab Seminar: Canan Dagdeviren, PhD (9 a.m., 5/1, 33-206)

" Wearable and Implantable Devices ‘On the Go’ "

Canan Dagdeviren, PhD
Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
LG Career Development Professor of...

Fri, 04/12/2019

HSL Seminar: Andrew Liu, Ph.D. (9 a.m., 4/17, 33-206)

"Why are Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) Operations hard? A look at some human factors issues."

Andrew Liu, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
MIT Human Systems...

Fri, 04/05/2019

HSL Seminar: Timothy McGrath, HSL PhD Candidate (9 a.m., 4/10, 33-218)

"IMU-Based Human Kinematics Estimation and Application to EVA Operations"

Timothy McGrath
HSL PhD Candidate

Abstract: “Current state-of-the-art human kinematic...

Mon, 03/25/2019

HSL Seminar: Paul Stegall, PhD (9 a.m., 4/3, 33-206)

"Past Work: From Mines to Minds"

Paul Stegall, PhD
HSL Postdoc

Abstract: "I will present some of the work I have previously done, from my internships on rugged vehicles at the...