HSL Meeting: Rachel Bellisle; Maya Nasr (12-1p, 5/1, Rm 31-270)

HSL Meeting

Monday, April 24, 2023
12-1pm, Room 31-270

Zoom link: https://mit.zoom.us/j/99313053821

Talk #1: 

  • Speaker: Rachel Bellisle
  • Title:  Skinsuit ISS Experiment
  • Abstract— The Gravity Loading Countermeasure Skinsuit (GLCS or “Skinsuit”) is a musculoskeletal countermeasure for spaceflight, consisting of a skin-tight garment that applies a vertical load from the shoulders to the feet. The suit aims to mitigate musculoskeletal deconditioning during prolonged exposure to microgravity by simulating some of the effects of Earth’s gravity (1G). MIT and international collaborators have previously tested the GLCS through experiments in 1G, partial gravity analogs, parabolic flights, and International Space Station (ISS) missions. An upcoming study with one participant on Axiom Mission 2, a 10-day ISS mission, aims to evaluate comfort, function, and several physiological effects of the GLCS in 1G and microgravity in low-earth orbit.


Talk #2: 

  • Speaker: Maya Nasr
  • Title: HUMANS ISS/Moon Update
  • Abstract— When The Golden Record was sent out on Voyager to portray Earth for extraterrestrials in 1977, it told a story of the diversity of lives and cultures on our home planet. Today, after a pandemic that hit all of us around the globe, ongoing conflicts and wars all around our planet, humanity needs unity more than ever. We wish to send a new "Record of Our Voices" to space. This time, the story is not for extraterrestrials, but for ourselves.


Humanity United with MIT Art and Nanotechnology (HUMANS) is an MIT student-led project that combines art and nanotechnology for increasing global representation in Space. HUMANS has created a record of voices from people all around the world in their native languages, sharing their thoughts on the meaning of space for themselves and humanity. Inspired by The Golden Record, a six-inch silicon wafer has been etched using cutting-edge MIT nanotechnology and will be launched up to the ISS on Ax-2. Separately, a smaller 2" version will travel the surface of the Moon with the MIT Space Exploration Initiative’s “To The Moon To Stay” program with Lunar Outpost and Intuitive Machines. HUMANS creates a symbolic avenue for Space access worldwide and emphasizes how Space should remain a “space" for everyone. For more information, visit https://humans.mit.edu