HSL Seminar: Tom Abitante, HSL (12p, 10/27, 33-206)

Zoom link: https://mit.zoom.us/j/96531308383

HSL Meeting

Thursday, October 27, 2022, 12-1pm
Room 33-206

Speaker: Tom Abitante

Title:  Research Update (Practice for VA Postdoc Visit)

Abstract—In order to increase the daily loading of the skeleton and subsequently reduce bone loss on a long duration spaceflight mission, non-exercise based methods should be explored. Electrical Stimulation causes involuntary muscle contractions which in turn can place strain on bones. This project involves 1) determining the peak strains electrical stimulation can create on the femoral head, as a way to evaluate effectiveness in stimulating bone maintenance, 2) performing fatigue tests to aid in regimen design, and 3) determine the metabolic cost of such a regimen to ensure the countermeasure would not exacerbate the risk of excessive caloric expenditure.