HSL Seminar: Tugrul Irmak, Delft University (12p, 12/15, 33-206)

Understanding and Modelling Motion Sickness and Its Individual Differences

Tugrul Irmak
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Zoom link: https://mit.zoom.us/j/96531308383

Abstract— Motion sickness research has until now been primarily concerned with two applications, nautical and space. Recently, with the near-term goal of fully autonomous vehicle technology, there has been an increase in interest in motion sickness research. More specifically, this is with the aim of optimizing vehicle motions subject to minimizing motion sickness. To do this, a functional relationship between vehicle motions and the subsequent motion sickness is required. This presentation will explore my attempts at modelling motion sickness development over time and the nature of sensory conflicts and how they might relate to motion perception. These attempts will be placed within the context of the individual, as opposed to the common approach of focusing on the group.

Speaker bio: - “I graduated from the University of Bristol, UK with a master and bachelor in mechanical engineering. I began my PhD under the supervision of Dr Riender Happee at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. The title of my dissertation research was "Understanding and Modelling of Motion Sickness and Its Individual Differences for the Comfortable Control of Automated Vehicles". I defended my thesis on the May of this year. Since then, I have been employed in the Intelligent Vehicles group as a post-doctoral researcher investigating motion sickness, motion comfort and perception.”