HSL Seminar (Wednesday, 10/7, 9a, Zoom)

Human System Laboratory x Responsive Environments

Presenters: Rachel Bellisle, Akshay Kothakonda, Cody Paige, Alvin Harvey, Allison Porter, Irmandy Wicaksono, Cedric Honnet, and Juliana Cherston.

Description: Students from the Human Systems Lab and the Media Lab's Responsive Environments group will present recent work in smart textiles, wearable systems, and their applications for space exploration. Several lightning talks will be presented, and topics will include the Gravity Loading Countermeasure Skinsuit, the BioSuit, shape memory polymer development, radiation protection, wearable sensor networks, digital knitting of e-fibers, aerospace-grade e-textiles, and material functionalization. The meeting will conclude with a discussion of synergies and possible areas of collaboration.

For Zoom information, contact Liz Zotos